Located in Marseille, in the south of France, our company develops the designer eyewear collections for the J.F.REY, BOZ, and VOLTE FACE lines sold worldwide. Far from the stereotypes of luxury, the three founding brands of our House evolve in different styles and universes. Under the artistic direction of Jean-François Rey, each frame is an original creation designed by our own design studio. Unlike an elitist approach, we want to share our passion for optics with as many people as possible.





Jean-François Rey is considered one of the first French designers to have revolutionized the aesthetic codes of the eyewear. Its unique know-how and timeless collections transcend fashion and trends. Launched in 1995, the J.F.REY collection expresses an offbeat and differentiating style. Its avant-garde character is marked by acetate models with structured shapes, a design without artifice supported by modern and very graphic colors created by Joëlle, his wife and partner since the beginnings of the adventure. New influences emerged from the 2000s. His creative studio steers the metal collection towards an ultra-creative approach to design, and sustainably entrenches the brand in the culture of experimentation.

Our Company is based on values of innovation, quality and artistic freedom. To meet an increasingly demanding audience, he and his teams have developed other collections specific to the J.F.REY brand. He created PETITE, a feminine line of mid-sized glasses that caters to fine faces. The KIDS AND TEENS collection offers a wide range of exclusive colours for both optical and solar glasses for children aged 6 to 12. For those looking for a more trendy style, the 1985 collection offers the reissue of iconic models from the 80s. Beyond the standards, Jean-François Rey plays the card of derision and proposes spectacles, limited edition frames created to break boredom and challenge the conformism of our time.





Design and innovation are at the heart of our creative approach. The quality of our frames goes through many manufacturing steps that involve close collaboration between designers and manufacturers. Inspired by architecture, graphic arts, and contemporary design, our stylists develop collections in an open and collaborative environment. With his teams, Jean-François Rey reveals ambitious creative choices and never compromises with audacity and modernity.





We design more than 500 colour combinations each year. Artistic director of the brand, Joëlle Rey determines the color of each frame. With a touch of craziness and a skin-level sensitivity, it shakes conventional pallets and plays on a complex range of materials and shades to find the perfect match. It experiments, advances by the touch and causes the unexpected. Her inspiration is found in the visual artist Niki de Saint Phalle, in the graphic games of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, or in the derision of the photographer Cindy Sherman.



Acetate is a very malleable material, a living material that offers infinite possibilities of nuances and inspirations.To develop our range of colors, we work with the Italian company Mazzucchelli, leader in the production of cellulose acetate, and holder of a know-how of excellence preserved for six generations. Innovation is the key to success. It is about sublimating a mount, creating the alchemy that will give this unique character to our models.



The distinctive design of our metal collection is always accompanied by shades worked in two-tones colors. This modern and creative approach to color enriches the original design of a model, and plays on details with precision. A touch of white lacquer will highlight a deep blue, a matte black will be sublimated by a bright red inner lining or a bright yellow, we will look for the association of a brilliant gold and a powdered rose. In this field, imagination has no limit but the difficulty of implementation. Whatever the richness or complexity of a style, two-tone colors remain an important technical challenge that only the best workshops in the Jura with which we work can meet.



Manufacturing techniques are evolving and enabling us to initiate new trends. Wood sheets, orange fiberglass, sculpted and colored aluminium, titanium reliefs, nylon and 3D printing, our designers play with combinations of materials to enrich their creations. They sculpt, shape and interpret these materials to achieve the right balance between aesthetics, comfort and manufacturing quality.


Rediscover wood with the CARBONWOOD collection. In the hands of our designers, this noble material is transformed to move away from its raw appearance and become masculine elegance. The unexpected alliance with fiberglass and carbon fiber surprises and disrupts traditional manufacturing techniques. New models JF2860 / JF2899 /JF2900 / JF2901 /JF2930 /JF2931.


Nobility and modernity of aluminum, a timeless style. The beautiful alloy with hypoallergenic properties combines perfectly with stainless steel and acetate. Let us put aside its connotation of cold and industrial metal in favor of a contemporary creation with intense and refined colors. New models JF2938 /JF2939 / JF2940.


SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printing technology goes further than traditional techniques and unleashes creativity. In a form of hybridization, nylon comes to dress the metal to create a design beyond the standards. Discover the collection

An independent designer

Based in Marseille and originally from the Jura region, Jean-François Rey trained in eyewear at his father’s factory in Oyonnax. He acquired the knowledge of moonmakers, and in 1980 he created his first company to design optical and solar glasses. Through his creations inspired by the provocative and offbeat spirit of the 80’s, he claims a stylistic freedom in total rupture with the classic trends of the market.

At the time, its showroom ideally located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris gave it the opportunity to work with the big names of fashion: Agnès B., Issey Miyake, Marithé+François Girbaud, Gérard Darel or Elisabeth de Senneville. Rich in this experience and in search of independence, he created the J.F.REY brand in 1995, and devoted himself entirely to his own collection which he developed alongside his wife Joëlle.

In 1997, he successfully presented his first line of very contemporary men’s frames in handmade acetate in Paris and New York, at major design and fashion shows.

Ideas come from observation.

Joëlle and Jean-François Rey rely on creativity. Starting in the 2000s, they developed their creative studio and welcomed young talents who would bring the dynamics of future collections. Crumpled sheets, modern constructions, industrial machines, everyday objects, animal or plant world, the work of designers is made up of observations and experiments.

The design becomes more expressive, very graphic and contemporary. Every detail has its importance, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the interpretation of designers. Pieces in volume, metal shaped in cuts and crossed folds, engraved surfaces, combined materials, an innovative style is released and invites emotion at first glance. Embedded in our DNA, this unique know-how focused on innovation continues to evolve, and is constantly enriched by new influences.

Discretion or revelation, there are a thousand ways to draw a frame silhouette, from the most sober look to the most original. To build a collection, our style office produces hundreds of drawings, from simple pencil strokes to 3D modeling that allows you to accurately anticipate all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the final product.