The J.F. REY TEENS collection is aimed at teenagers aged 12 and over. Elle  is the artistic fusion of fashion codes and our creative design. The new models feature new sizes and colors for this age group.

Style and elegance in perfect harmony.

The subtle elegance of the products in the collection is designed to enhance the personality and individual style of teenagers. We want to offer products that combine style, subtle elegance and aesthetic quality.

Two sizes available.

In our collection of novelties specially created for girls aged 12 and over, we offer two different sizes to ensure a perfect fit on the face. These sizes have been specially designed with the proportions and morphology typical of girls of this age in mind. This guarantees optimum comfort and a secure fit for your eyewear.

Sophisticated colors.

Mature tone-on-tone colors blend harmoniously with retro shapes, creating a style that’s at once sober, modern and refined. Attention to detail adds a discreet touch of sophistication to the frames, such as worked studs and acetate bonding.