Carbon fiber is a composite material used in many industrial and technological applications. It is appreciated for its lightness, strength and durability. It is 40% lighter than titanium and twice as rigid as steel, yet much stronger.


The aesthetic combination of carbon fiber and wood offers an interesting contrast between the modern texture of carbon and the natural warmth of wood. It features a variety of organic grains, colors and textures that are highlighted in the design of our models. The production of frames using these two materials requires expertise and specific design techniques to ensure their durability and quality.

Carbon fiber is a huge material for both its functional and aesthetic properties. Associée à l’acier inoxydable, la fibre de verre coloré, le bois et l’acétate, elle permet de créer des modèles au design innovant et sophistiqué.


CARBON-COLOR is a unique and creative combination of carbon fiber and various acetate colors. It offers a modern, technical look thanks to its distinctive woven pattern. Carbon fiber serves as a solid base for the frame, providing lightness, strength and durability. Its unique texture contrasts with the different acetate colors worked in transparency or elaborate patterns.