New sun collection with Mediterranean influences, elegant shapes, shades and materials inspired by the French Riviera. Tortoiseshell and gradient acetate colors play with the light, while satin-finished color lines assert the style as a true visual signature.

Polarized lenses

Our sunglasses come with top-of-the-range category 3 polarized lenses. More resistant than most traditional sun lenses, and better suited to extreme light environments, polarized lenses considerably improve visual comfort and offer significant protection against UV rays.

Polarized lenses filter light without distorting your vision. They offer better contrast while reducing glare and unwanted reflections, such as those from reflective surfaces like water, snow or glass.

Material : Acetate

Frame width : 137 mm

Lens width : 47 mm

Lens height : 46 mm

Distance between lenses : 26 mm

Temple length : 145 mm

Polarized lenses

ANNA - 0078

ANNA - 2200

ANNA - 3652

ANNA - 9844