The emblematic brand of Maison Jean-François Rey over the past 20 years,
Boz is for all of those who want a unique product inspired by world culture.
The models we manufacture are the fruit of a lot of research focused on the search
for the original and the right forms, the harmony of colors,
and the richness of acetate materials created exclusively for our collections.
The new BOZ collection is inspired by the values and the work of mexican artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, during the 30’s and the 40’s.
It’s a period of freedom area and strong revolutionary movements. In an exuberance of colors, patterns and materials,
each frame is shaped in consideration of even the smallest detail.
The design reveals a freedom of style drawn directly from the naive, surreal, and modern art of the artist’s works.
A self-taught painter, FRIDA KAHLO was born in Mexico City in 1907.
She was raised in a beautiful house - the famous casa AZUL, cobalt blue color.
She developed a taste for provocation, subversion and freedom at a very young age.
She grew up in a revolutionary political world that accompanied her throughout her life. 
A tragic destiny brought her to confront her inner identity, its illusion, and its duplication.
As a result, she decided to abandon her medical studies and to devote her life to painting.
In 1929, she married the famous artist Diego Rivera with whom she lived a passionate relationship.